Schools for troubled teens

When a teenager starts to struggle school performance seems to suffer. As problems grow more complicated grades slip even further. Graduation and college start to seem impossible. There is hope! With the right school your child could be back on track.

When selecting a school an education consultant will work closely with your needs. Ed consultants work as intermediaries between schools and parents. They have a strong network of schools and programs to choose from. Once your child's needs are found they will work hard to find the right school for you.

There are many different types of schools to choose from.

  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools - These schools provide a solid therapeutic, residential, and academic aspects to their programs. They are ideal for students that are struggling with grades, family relationships, and behavioral problems. To be considered therapeutic these schools need to have a minimum number of therapists. They also need to have regularly scheduled therapy sessions. Behavior and grades are emphasized in these programs. Some of the better schools have college credit available through concurrent enrollment. This allows the student to earn college and high school credit at the same time.
  • High Schools - Unfortunately public high schools for troubled teens are not very common. Some areas in the United States have "truancy high schools" for teens that are struggling in regular high school settings. Many times teens are enrolled in these high schools because of attendance and poor grades. Behavioral problems like ADHD, drug use, family therapy, and violence are not approaches with specific solutions. In some cases "truancy schools" help with grades but should not take the place of true therapy.
  • Military Schools - Like most schools for troubled teens military schools follow a set of rules. Military schools are by far the most structured programs. Group building exercises are common and youth work closely with other cadets. There is little tolerance for rule breaking or insubordination. Respect for fellow students, the school, and teachers are taken very seriously. Some personalities thrive in these settings. Knowing the rules and following a strict schedule help some youth find order in their lives. Others students sometimes struggle with the amount of stress added by non-conformity. Consult your educational consultant whether a military school is right for your child.

Special considerations - Many schools for troubled teens require the youth to first attend a wilderness camp. This way schools avoid the risk of new teens. The first few months of youth starting a program are the most challenging and dangerous, for the teen and the staff. Schools want to avoid this dangerous period and set this requirement to protect everyone involved.

If your teen is exhibiting any of these behaviors it might be time to start looking for help:
* Falling behind in school
* Going from good grades to failing.
* Being suspended or expelled
* Fighting in school